Can You Remember Those Wonderful Ladybird Books?

Debra Warwick

Remember these? 
Fantastic full colour children's little books printed decades ago from 1940 to 80's. These books symbolise an era where books were an important part of childhood learning with subjects covered like History, Conservation, Natural History, telling the Time, Reading, Maths, Science and many more information topics.

The most iconic Fairytale & bedtime stories from classic authors like, Hans Andersen or Grimm. these books have become childhood classics with there unique styled illustrations from Vera Southgate the 606d series is probably the most collected series of children's books.
Our favorite at White Space Press is The Princess and the Pea but classics like Cinderella, Snow White and the Red Rose, Three Little Pigs amongst other classic. The collection contains 27 titles and if you are lucky enough to find them all they are still treasured today.